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New Accommodation - Lavender Cottage

We have recently finished the refurbishment of Lavender Cottage which is the 2 bedroom property located at the end of the private driveway you pass when turning right down the ramp to the stables.

Ultimately this was being made available for Jill when she eventually sells and moves out of The Gaff, but with the housing market like it is at the moment, we've decided to run it as a fully furnished Holiday Let for the time being.

We're not sure if any Kingfisher or Salmon Members would be interested in staying in Lavender - as one member put it to me a few weeks ago, "its absolutely fantastic, but it looks a bit posh for us smelly fishermen!". So before we start advertising, we'd like to make it available to Kingfisher and Salmon members, their family and friends with a 10% discount for a stay at Lavender before 15th March next year.

The website is finished along with the online booking system (use the discount code PARADISE during online checkout for any stay at Lavender before the 15th March 2024 ).

Pricing is per night for the property (not per person) and can vary based on things like seasonality and length of stay. You can use the booking calendar on the website to see the current rates - but at the moment it typically works out at around £120 - £130 per night (minus 10% if you apply the discount).

Any questions or help, please let me or Hannah know.

Thank you,



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