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Wi-Fi at Ingestone

After years of no internet, intermittent landline phone service and very patchy mobile service due to our remote location, we are delighted to announce that on Thursday last week we had an installation of Starlink - Elon Musk's (Tesla) satellite based internet service.

You'll notice the dish on the apex of the barn - it's currently providing fibre optic speeds which is quite amazing. Only time will tell how reliable it is - although it has been solid since installation. Its not cheap, but in our particular location there are really no suitable alternatives at present.

The Wi-Fi router is located inside the barn office but we have tested its range and it is accessible outside the building in the area marked in blue in the picture.

The Wi-Fi name is 'Ingestone Fishery' and the current password is : ingestone2023

All our members are free to use it.

While the service does not provide a mobile phone signal, most smartphones have a 'Wi-Fi Calling' option in their settings, this allows your phone to use Wi-Fi to make and take phone calls.

We believe Victoria (who owns the fishermen's cottages) might have her own plans for internet access in the accommodation, but in the meantime members who are staying there now only have a short walk to the barn to pick up the new service.


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