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2022 Coarse Season is here!

As our Salmon members start packing up and dreaming that if only every Shad they had caught over the last 3½ months could have been one of the elusive Wye Springers... our Kingfisher members are busily checking and re-checking their kit and wondering how lively the Ingestone barbel are going be this season.

Ray did manage an accidental barbel (and an impressive pike) during his Salmon fishing exploits, so there is at least hope for a productive year ahead!

We've put a huge amount of work in pre-season - Damage from storm Eunice back in February set our plans back and proceeded to empty the piggy bank with the removal work of some huge fallen trees, along with the subsequent bank restoration. But we recovered and were able to restore the old derelict fishing hut back to its former glory (the padlock code is the same at both huts if you were wondering). We installed some new riverbank signage, invested in new equipment and have nearly caught up on the never ending mowing, strimming, pruning and swim clearing.

In the last few days we have also completed the extension and resurfacing of, what was, the short steep slope that leads down to the stables. For those fishing in the next week or so, the sides of the slope may be coned off as the last of the concrete edges dry, so be mindful to keep to the centre line as you drive down (note, there will not be a JCB to greet you!)

Work never really ends at the fishery, so maintenance will be ongoing as always during the year, but we really hope you appreciate Ingestone and all it has to offer this season and that every one of your visits is a memorable one!

A massive thank you to Ray, Tracey, Simeon and Jake for all their hard work and a special thanks to Ray Harris for being our constant point of contact for all the questions we don't know the answers to, not to mention taking on the cottage bookings for Victoria!

Have a great season everyone!

Dominic & Hannah


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