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Fishing Ingestone Fishery River Wye Referral Rewards

Ingestone always has a cap on its membership numbers, however we do need to maintain a certain membership level to help ensure the economic sustainability of the Fishery.

When there are lapses in memberships we will always look for new members for both the Salmon and the Kingfisher Syndicates. 


Referrals from existing members have historically proven to be an extremely reliable way of welcoming new anglers to the Fishery. These new members typically hold the same like minded values and appreciation for the fishing and the environment here at Ingestone.


To ensure member referrals are recognised and rewarded, we are currently trialling a cashback scheme.

For a successful referral to the Salmon or Kingfisher Syndicate, both the referring member and the new member will each receive £100


  • Referees can complete either the Salmon or Kingfisher Coarse application forms, both of which have a 'How did you hear about us section', they can then add the name of the existing member that has referred them and submit their application.

  • The referral rewards are payable via bank transfer 30 days after the proposed new member submits a successful application and completes payment for their Salmon or Kingfisher membership.

  • We cannot guarantee that all referrals will result in membership, in these cases a waiting list may be established and the referral rewards paid when the next opportunity for the new member to join arrives.

  • Members cannot refer other members at renewal time - the scheme is to incentivise and welcome new members.

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